3 Replies to “Skinny boy with woman”

  1. Bleeech! This is just my problem with str8 twink porn — they nearly always team them up with some unattractive old ‘MILF’ trout. I much prefer teens with teens. (not a shot at the boss for posting this — the boy is a cutey who needs a pretty partner).
    MILF? More like a MIL(N)F

  2. I agree with RIXX! Maybe if they used girls that looked too young, they would be accused of kiddie porn? I don’t know, but must be careful, I guess.
    How about some BBG bisex play?
    BHM, still love your site – just trying to help make it better. But you can’t please everyone.

    1. Thanks for the commiseration, DK — good bi teen content is rare. Try searching for TINO videos on the usual tube sites. I agree that BHG is making a good effort to deliver us some cute str8 boys.

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